Off Grid Electric Raises $16M To Let Africans Pre-Pay For Solar Energy Just Like Phones


How do you pay for solar energy if you don’t have a credit card or bank account? Thanks to Off Grid Electric, people in the developing world can pay as they go for installed solar power systems electricity the same way they top-up their phone minutes.

Now, thanks to $16 million in new funding from American solar finance and installation giant SolarCity, Off Grid Electric is pushing to grow from 25,000 customers to 100,000. “Pre-paid mobile is what really unlocked the mobile phone market in Africa, Off Grid CEO and co-founder Xavier Helgesen tells me. “Now it’s the beginning of the era of pre-paid solar.

By replacing families’ inefficient, dangerous kerosene lamps with solar systems that can run modern lights, Off Grid is bringing the electrical revolution to countries still in the dark.

Charging Phones, Changing Lives

While most people think of light as the most essential use of technology, Off Grid…

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