The Future Is Here, It’s Just Unevenly Distributed Systems


Hearken to me, my fellow developers. We live in complex and confusing times. Once we sought to make things ever simpler. Then we discovered that simple isn’t necessarily scalable, or efficient, or resilient, and turned to favoring composition over simplicity, deconstructing our systems into multiple independent services. And now–well–now it sometimes seems that we have hit upon the worst of all worlds.

That would explain the eruption of enthusiasm for what has quickly become a whole genre of darkly funny technical blog posts that made the rounds this month, (fondly) mocking modern software development and the paralyzing ever-growing profusion of tools, systems, and frameworks, a plethora crossed with a Lernaean hydra. I have been known to call the resulting selection anxiety Developaralysis.

CircleCI‘s founder Paul Biggar led off the parade of dark technical comedy with a post that’s already a classic of its kind, proclaiming “It’s…

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