Password online recovery

Various methods to recover passwords

Instant password recovery

It generally refers to the rapid recovery of password if it is weakly encrypted. An example would be the password for the Access database or older word or excel files.

Password reset

In some cases there is a possibility to reset the password by replacing or deleting them from the file directly.

Brute-force attack

It is the most common method of decrypting files. This attack simply tries every combination of characters in a given set to try to recover your password. To recover a password consisting of `a` lowercase letter for example, 26 combinations are needed (from ‘A’ to ‘z’). In the case of two letters we have 26×26 = 676. We are dealing with exponential growth so as automatic password combination is higher so password recovery is more difficult. Certainly the combination can have capital letters, numbers or special characters, in…

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